Avid Angler Charters primarily use light tackle to catch fish — the most rewarding method to catch fish.  We use Shimano and Penn reels that can stand up to the abuse big fish put on them — there’s nothing better than the sound of a screaming drag!  The reels are paired with St. Croix rods that are very light and easy to use unlike the heavy boat rods a lot of charter boats use which are harder on the angler.  The center console boat allows us to get to the fish quickly and stay on top of them throughout the day; there’s no slow ride which wastes half the trip to get to the fish!

Striped Bass Trips

20150720_193415Bass trips range from 4 to 6 hours and we can accommodate up to 4 anglers on the boat. All the tackle and reels will be provided for you unless you prefer to bring you own gear.  The fish will be cleaned and packaged for you.  All you need to bring is food, drinks, and warm clothes depending on the weather. The rates are as followed:

4 hour trips are $425
5 hour trips are $525
6 hour trips are $625

Tuna Trips

ATT_1437517433145_20150719_142119Once the Bluefin tuna arrive each season, Avid Angler starts running tuna trips.  Bluefin tuna are one of the hardest fighting species of fish to catch.  Hooking these magnificent fish on light tackle spinning reels offers loads of excitement.  Landing a tuna on a spinning reel will be something you can brag about for the rest of your life!

These trips are amazing once you see the fishing feeding on the surface with the birds it will be an image that will never leave your mind.  Once the fish hits the plug all you can do is set the hook and hold on even with 30 plus pounds of drag the fish will still take a blistering run.  Then the fight begins sometimes they come in quickly other times it’s a long battle…

The trip will be a 6+ hour trip due to the fact that the tuna grounds are much further that bass or bluefish.  All tackle and reels are included. We use Van Staals, Shimano, and Daiwa reels & are designed to handle the abuse and stress these fish can put on them.

Tuna trip costs are $1000